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For over twenty-five years Joe Moss has been helping the people of Hawaii resolve their legal disputes with his comprehensive knowledge of the law as well as the policies and people that help shape it.


Joe has made his career taking up causes and arguing positions from which others often shy away. His methodical and tenacious nature has served his clients well in a wide range of legal issues and challenges.


Joe has argued, and won, several cases before the Hawaii Supreme Court. His most  recent victory before the state's highest court came in May of 2013.


During the course of his distinguished career, Joe has argued over thirty jury trials, fifty arbitrations, and ten non-jury trials.


In addition, in 2007 Joe was appointed to serve as a per diem judge in the District and Family courts of Kauai.


He is widely recognized as one of Kauai's foremost authorities on bankruptcy matters and is highly skilled in navigating Hawaii's ever-changing foreclosure laws.


Within the business community, Joe is recognized for his pragmatic approach to contract drafting and helping businesses to avoid legal challenges.

Michael D. Scarbo

In May of 2014 Mike returned to Kauai after three years in Oregon, for the opportunity to work with Joe P. Moss.


While in Oregon, Mike graduated cum laude from Willamette University College of Law and worked for the offices of GCHLAW LLC,specializing in probate litigation and elder law matters.


Mike was born and raised in Massachusetts, and recieved his undergraduate degree from Davidson College in North Carolina in 1998. Since that time he has worked as a reporter for the Daily Sitka Sentinel in Sitka, Alaska, served as a public school teacher in Alaska, Virginia, Oregon, and Hawaii, and has worked as a licensed real estate agent and small business owner.


Mike has called Kauai home since 2003, when he took a position on island as a middle school English teacherat Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School in Lihue.


Mike is focused, efficient and has a strong attention to detail. His life experience and pragmatic nature enable him to see creative, practical and cost-efficient solutions to client challenges.

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