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Business Formation

If you have a small business that has grown beyond your initial expectations, or a business idea you feel is ripe for today’s market, the offices of JM Law can help you develop a plan that will maximize your potential for success and best control your exposure to loss and legal challenges.


Our office helps clients choose the right form of business organization for their needs and assist them in drafting operational agreements that match their desires and their financial realities.


Alternately, if you are looking to sell your current business, the offices of JM Law can help you navigate any legal challenges and negotiate the best possible terms for your particular needs. In addition, we can help draft a sales agreement that will help keep you protected in the event that a prospective buyer turns out to be a thorn in your side.


Contact JM Law today. In the world of business, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


As anyone who has ever been involved in a commercial lawsuit will tell you, hindsight is 20/20. Whatever the agreement is, you want it in writing.


If your employee, client, customer or supplier wants to keep it casual and do everything with a handshake it should give you pause.


By formalizing a commercial agreement in writing you have a document that can be referred to later if problems or misunderstandings arise. Contracts are a great tool to avoid the courtroom and keep commercial relationships on-track for the benefit of both parties.


JM Law can help draft contracts specific to your needs, or can review your existing contracts to ensure that you are covering your assets and are operating in compliance with the law.


In an effort to control costs associated with formal lawsuits large corporations often insert arbitration agreements into contracts with customers, clients, and suppliers.  Arbitration is merely a private court, rather than a public one.


Arbitration can be an inexpensive and informal alternative to a formal trial. However, this reputation often lulls people into a false sense of security. Inexperienced parties frequently arrive to hearings under-prepared and without an attorney. Arbitration hearings require the same preparation as a traditional trial and the same understanding of legal principles.


Unlike a traditional trial, the decision of an arbitrator can be difficult to appeal. Accordingly, corporations often form relationships with arbitrators, stacking the deck against the little guy.


If you have a dispute with a business and have been informed you are subject to an arbitration clause, speak to an attorney to determine your options and map a plan that works for you.


Contact the offices of JM Law for help.

Family Businesses

After two decades on in Hawai`i, the offices of JM Law understand the unique challenges facing family businesses here in Hawai`i. We can help you and your business develop operating agreements, strategic plans, and leadership transition protocol that will maximize not only your company’s financial goals, but your family goals as well.

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