The death of a friend, family member or loved one is hard enough to deal with, without the added complication of having to deal with the courts to handle your loved one's estate. The offices of JM Law can help.


Estate administration, even when the will and estate plan of the decedent is clear, can present complex challenges, especially for those whose thinking is clouded by grief. 

In addition to filing information and forms with the courts according to specific timelines, the personal representative of an estate must collect all of the decedent’s important paperwork, determine which of the decedent’s debts must be paid, gather all of the decedent’s assets, identify any individuals or businesses that might owe the decedent money, and determine how the assets are to be distributed. Additionally, the personal representative must also file state and federal tax returns for the decedent as well as the estate.

Our office can help you navigate a legal process that can be complicated and time consuming. Depending on your level of need, we can help craft a plan and hold your hand through the process, sparing you unneeded stress and expenses.


Contact the offices of JM Law to set up a time to discuss your situation.

Will and Trust Contests

In addition to assisting with standard probate matters, JM Law is also experienced in dealing with contested wills and trusts.


Whether you are seeking to defend the validity of a will or a trust, or if you are seeking to challenge a will or trust, we can help.